Treasure the Thorns

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When you start a thing, it becomes it's own thing. TruthHurts started out as DarkLinks, an additional feature to The DarkLinks Gazette, which was a way of delivering features, opinion and, of course, more banners to an adult, BDSM oriented audience.

It was supposed to be frequent, chatty and kinda light.

Instead, it rapidly became a place where I thought aloud about Important Things, infrequently, but at great length, without being particularly "kinky."

Now, I dropped the Gazette a while ago because - well, it got in the way of getting to the links. It annoyed ME, and I was getting those checks for the banners.

And then Much Stuff Happened and I lost the munchlimited.com domain AND most interest in dealing with the crap associated with pornsites.

This, however, took on a life of it's own.

So it has become something of it's own thing, serious discussions intended for an audience that cannot be filtered.

But originally intended value remains; and has been brought to the new home site; to get out from under the stupid moralistic prohibitions that get in the way of acting in truly ethical ways. If the fundimental presumption is that all sex is evil, one never has to think about how to get laid and not feel guilty about it - since feeling guilty is supposed to be part of the whole "thing."

Well, it's not supposed to be. Not even if it's casual sex with total strangers for reasons of pure lust. It's possible to be safe, sane and consentual in that context, and that just incidentally means that you actually cover all the things your mother really worried about when she gave you that stammering, unhelpful talk.

I believe strongly that it's time to bust the beaver-dam of moralistic repression and start to think about the ethics and boundries of sex as expressed by a mature and responsible culture.

Come to think of it, the beaver-dam has busted. We call it "The Internet." The resulting flood of porn is like all floods. It carries all before it and leaves a sticky brown sludge behind.

But then, that sticky brown sludge was all that ever got THRU that beaver dam before. Now there's some good stuff caught in random eddys, some amazing things floating on top and tumbling along the bottom.

And the best stuff is done by real people who are thinking first, creating second and expecting to cash in at a distant third or fifth.

Those folks are especially welcome on GRAPHICTRUTH.

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